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Beck WheelerBeck WheelerBeck WheelerBeck WheelerBeck WheelerBeck Wheeler
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Beck is an artist who works as an illustrator by day and a mess maker by night. Her character based works are made out wood, ceramics, vectors and paint.

Beck exhibits regularly overseas and some career highlights include: making toys for musician Beck; exhibiting alongside Nathan Jurevicius, Jon Burgerman, Shaun Tan and a host of other talented artists; publishing her first childrens book; winning a gold award in the Illustrator Australia Awards and having her first solo show in Italy.

“My artwork is driven by character, texture, pattern, shape and colour. The colours are derived from the childrens books I owned as a child, the paintwork takes inspiration from the pattern and mark making in tribal art. I start each artwork with a character and a story. I create art to tell stories.” - Beck

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