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Funtime Comics is the longest running comic publication in New Zealand. It has grown a lot since it's humble beginning in 1990 with black and white photocopier volumes into a glossy, full colour comic anthology. The group (based in Christchurch) meet once a month to draw, chat, and on occasion make increasingly bizarre collaborative comics.

Three of the contributors to the latest Funtime and regular attendees of the Saturday gatherings, Sarah Lund, Alex McCrone and Mary Tamblyn, are interested in bringing Funtime and some of their own works to Chromacon 2015. These three have contributed to the upcoming 3Words comic anthology and Mary and Alex have also published a graphic novel- Nothing Fits- together in 2014. All three have art school backgrounds: Sarah majoring in Design, Alex in Print Making and Mary in Sculpture. While they all have different art backgrounds there are some strong similarities in how they handle their comic work, such as their use of mixed traditional and digital mediums and a great passion for the medium. Sarah also makes three dimensional papercraft illustrations, which she has recently started incorporating into her comic work as well.

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