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Matt Emery has been intermittently active as a cartoonist over the last twenty years in New Zealand and Australia. Two books collecting his webcomic Guzumo have been published, The Guzumo Show by Blackhouse Comics and Pay Through The Soul by Pikitia Press. Some popular mini comics he has produced over the years include Manfighters, Sally Loves Horses, Stupid Slut Stories, Everything Ends in Tears and Let's Kill White People.

He has been writing and researching historical and contemporary cartooning in Australasia for several years. In recent years he has maintained an Australasian cartooning blog at Pikitia Press also serves as a micro-publisher, currently publishing works by Peter Foster, James Davidson, Toby Morris, and Sarah Laing as well as distributing work by Steve Ditko, Maude Farrugia and Brent Willis.

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